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of the operating system. Put in your master password and that's when the next screen comes up. Your laptop may require a password to log in to its native operating system. EllaGr1, are you using the minimal ubuntu option? Lubuntu: I've already changed that, tried to re-enter the password cfhowlett: No, I changed to Lubuntu. EllaGr1, and you're at the login screen? cfhowlett: yeah The problem is that it should be a Windows password and the password that works with the server and for loging in with the laptop. But it doesn't EllaGr1, got it. in terminal, type sudo apt install pastebinit cfhowlett: Done. EllaGr1, next: lsb_release -a | pastebinit cfhowlett: cfhowlett: the output EllaGr1, sudo apt full-upgrade | pastebinit cfhowlett: I'm not on the laptop, I'm on a tablet. EllaGr1, that's fine. do you see on the tablet? cfhowlett: yes EllaGr1, and you're getting your full update and upgrade? cfhowlett: Yes. So the driver is the issue. But I really don't know how to resolve it. I just



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Kaicong Ip Camera Download Software B1 23

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